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Championing Good Work Standards: Wavehill's path to a fair and inclusive workplace.

Championing Good Work Standards.

Having external, independent validation of our operational and employment practices help us to benchmark and monitor our commitment to continuous improvement. This helps us to demonstrate the quality and value of our services and to build trust among our clients and employees. These external accreditations and standards serve as a benchmark for our ongoing development and showcase our dedication to professional standards, environmental sustainability, and a workplace culture rooted in our core values

These standards provide a framework for us to put our principles into measurable action plans. We have for example, signed up to the MRS Inclusion Pledge which guides our EDI action plan, and our Green Small Business certification helps us to improve our environmental performance as a business.

Our dedication to these principles has also earned us recognition as a “Good Work” employer with key standards met in our different office locations throughout England. These are important as they demonstrate our commitment to being a good local employer and adhering to key standards for our employees, as well as supporting the local communities that we are in. The Good Employment Charter for the West of England and the Good Work Pledge for the Northeast recognise our working practices in our Bristol and Newcastle offices. Most recently, we have been awarded the London Mayor's Good Work Standard.

Here we share some elements highlighted by the Good Work Standard (GWS) of our London accreditation. This highlights our contribution to a fairer and more inclusive workplace, whilst also showcasing our commitment to attracting, retaining, and nurturing a diverse and talented workforce.

The Mayor of London Good Work Standard plaque sits in Wavehill's London Office
The Mayor of London's Good Work Standard plaque for Wavehill.

Transparent and Inclusive Recruitment Practices.

The GSW singled out our recruitment packs for providing extensive details about what a potential employee can expect from us, as well as the range of company benefits which are embedded in our value system. Whilst we continually work to improve our recruitment practices, we are delighted that the efforts we have undertaken to make our recruitment process more transparent and inclusive in nature have been recognised.

Commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

The GWS noted our efforts in embedding continual improvements in equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) not just for staff but for clients and local communities. They noted our approach to measuring progress on EDI against a clear action plan. This sets clear, measurable objectives aimed at recruitment, retention, and work practices. The aim of which is to create a workplace where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

Open Communication Channels and Employee Engagement.

As an employee-owned company, our governance structures and how we operate as an organisation is shaped by our employees. This enables everyone to contribute and articulate what is important to them. Not only does this influence our strategic and cultural direction, but it also empowers our staff and provides greater accountability across all levels of the company.

Effective communication and employee engagement were noted as vital components of our commitment to the GWS. With particular focus on our approach to having open channels for gathering employee feedback to consult employees on key changes. For example, our successful 9-day fortnight trial was a result of listening to employee feedback and exploring innovative ways to promote a better work-life balance.

Continuous Improvement and Growth

While achieving the Mayor's Good Work Standard accreditation is a significant milestone for us, we recognise that there is always room for improvement. We remain dedicated to identifying areas where we can enhance our practices. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of promoting fairness, inclusivity, and opportunities for all.


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