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Wavehill Summer Away Day 2023

Earlier this month we meet up as a whole company for our Annual Away Day. These Away Days are an integral part of Wavehill’s culture, and as an employee-owned company enables us to ensure staff can feedback and input to help shape and embed the strategic direction and values of our company.

In the same way we help our clients to develop their strategic focus and planning, as a whole company we all took park in a Theory of Change workshop. It was a great opportunity to explore the ‘What’ of who we are as a company and ‘How’ we are going to achieve this. Colleagues all put strong importance on how our values drive our culture and our ethos. What also emerged was the importance of our impact, for the projects we work on and for our clients. We also explored the influence of our wider social and environmental impacts as a company. This will feed into the development of our latest strategic plan which will be shared with staff at the Autumn Away Day.

In a change to previous years, we will now have one Away Day in late Spring and one in early Autumn. It is a chance to meet up face-to-face with colleagues and build stronger connections across the company. Whilst we all frequently work across offices, often combining hybrid and office work in Aberaeron, Bristol, London, and Newcastle, we all agreed that building this sense of connection and social capital continues to be an important aim of the Wavehill Away Days.


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