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A public health approach to violence reduction: how impact evaluation can improve outcomes

The Mayor of London's office has engaged Wavehill as an evaluation partner to undertake a detailed process and impact evaluation of Assessing for Domestic Violence and Abuse in Sexual Health Environments (ADViSE) Programme. The ADViSE programme supports sexual health clinicians to identify and respond to patients affected by domestic violence and abuse and provides them with a simple referral pathway to specialist services.

This evaluation is in partnership with St Giles who provide support for women and girls through a trauma-based approach. Wavehill are working with key stakeholders to co-produce a specialised evaluation framework that balances inclusive research approaches that are mindful of sensitivities whilst remaining an independent, critical friend.

This builds on our profile of work with Violence Reduction Units (VRU) across England, that has previously looked at public health approaches to reducing and preventing violence in A&E departments, in reducing knife crime and in prison settings. We have worked with different VRUs to ensure appropriate effective evidence of impact can support further programme development and funding in the future.

For more information contact Sarah Usher and Andy Parkinson.


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