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Wavehill Internship Scheme: a path to a career in evaluation, social research, and consultancy

As a sector there is a recognised lack of diversity within research consultancy. Yet the research work we undertake encompasses people from all backgrounds and lived experiences. We recognise that better representation of researchers in the wider sector will in turn lead to better research outcomes, particularly for those from under-represented or marginalised groups across society. Through our internship scheme we are committed to helping our industry nurture a more diverse pipeline of people to gain experience in evaluation, social research, and consultancy work.

How is Wavehill’s internship approach different?

Wavehill have a well-established intern scheme which takes a person-centred approach. Regularly reviewed by our ED&I group, the scheme is adopted consistently across all Wavehill offices. By considering a candidate’s potential rather than focusing on their previous work experience we are trying to remove barriers that will allow more people from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain experience of the consultancy and research sector.

Our guiding principle focuses on interns having a valuable and meaningful experience while working with us. That they come away with a well-rounded understanding of the workplace, of research consultancy and an experience that can help inform their future career or studies.

Wavehill is an accredited Living Wage employer and is therefore committed to paying our interns the Living Wage, or topping up any University wage payments to this level if not already achieved. For those interns in our London office, the London Living Wage weighting is applied.

What can an intern expect from their time at Wavehill?

Wavehill can offer internship programmes all year, though typically a summer programme following a student’s exams in May through to July is most typical. The duration of the internship will depend on the individual but will typically be between 6-8 weeks. This allows the individual to get the most out of their internship and ensure there is consistency in the tasks they can be involved in. They usually work as close as possible to full time during this period. Noting that as a company we work flexibly, so can accommodate other commitments.

Interns undergo a comprehensive onboarding process and are assigned a ‘buddy’ to support them through their tenure. Every effort is made to ensure that they are made to feel part of the team and that their contribution is valued.

At Wavehill, we have upwards of 100 projects live at any time with concurrent projects each at different stages of delivery. Interns are exposed to a range of research methods in a practical setting. At Wavehill we conduct our own primary research, so from designing a project, developing research tools, gathering evidence, and conducting the analysis to developing their report writing styles; there is lots of variety and opportunity to be involved with various tasks in the research process. No two days are the same.

What do our interns say?

Two interns participated in this summer’s intern scheme. Alexandra is a recent graduate of the University of Bristol with a degree in geography. She was interested in an internship with Wavehill because she wanted to put the research skills gained during her degree into practice and gain experience to support her future career. She also notes how Wavehill’s values and ethos align closely with hers. Here she shares her thoughts on our internship experience.

A Q&A which focuses on why Alexandra wanted to do an internship, how she found out about it and what her experience was like

Lauren is a recent graduate of the University of Newcastle with a degree in sociology. She was interested in the Wavehill internship to build on her interests whilst studying and to gain experience of her future career path. Here she shares her thoughts on our internship experience.

A Q&A which focuses on why Lauren wanted to do an internship, how she found out about it and what her experience was like

Both Alexandra and Lauren found the Wavehill internship scheme to be a valuable experience. They learned a lot about the research process, developed their research skills and gained valuable experience working in a professional research environment as they consider their respective future career paths.

If you are interested in a career in social research, the Wavehill internship scheme is a great way to get started. We provide our interns with the opportunity to learn from experienced researchers and to develop your skills in a supported environment.

To learn more about the Wavehill internship program, please visit our website or contact us at


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